Event Guide

Explore, Wander and Wonder

There were amazing speakers and experiences at the event. Breakfast and snacks were offered, catered by our amazing parents from Stella Nonna.

Exploring our arts exhibitions:

Dream Boxes Inspired by Joseph Cornell’s Artwork by EB 6th graders.

Envisioning Public Art for Public Sites by EB 8th graders.

Bring Your Whole Self…

and leave your tablet at home and your cell phone in your pocket. This is a one-of-a-kind day and we invite you to allow yourself to be fully present and to enjoy this rare opportunity.

Some Fascinating Experiences

Two exciting activities were planned

  • How food science can help create your Dream Soda?
  • Dream-Plan-Create! Building an onsite art installation at EB!
  • Watch a timelapse of the Dream-Plan-Create activity!


At the end of the TEDx Talks, students came up on stage and wrote their dreams on a piece of paper.