Speakers and Videos

Teen Speaker

natalie-bettendorfNathalie Bettendorf

Empowering Youth in a Digital Age: Their Hopes and Dreams Are the Key to a Better World

Nathalie is a Berkeley High Jacket Writer, a Youth Radio Contributor and an Alliance for Climate Education GoTeam Member. And she is only 18 years old!

Student Speakers

Elliot Deleger.jpgElliot Deléger

The American Dream 

jordan-cornetJordan Cornet

Accepting Differences: Dreaming of a World Without Discrimination 

melody-joliff-2Melody Joliff

Working Towards a Dream World, We’re Closer Than You Think

cody-levineCody Levine

The Path from Dreams to Inventions

kyler-oakley-gibbsKyler Oakley-Gibbs

How Lucid Dreaming Boosts Creativity

nina-prunet-and-kalin-sivolellaNina Prunet-Sharma and Kalin Sivolella

LGBTQ and Equal Rights: More Than Just a Dream

adriana-villarina-2Adriana Villarina

Martin Luther King and the Endurance of a Dream