TEDxYouth@EB 2021/2022

The EB Middle School is hosted its seventh TEDxYouth@EB, and its second virtual conference on Thursday, January 13 and 20, 2022.  Each night consists of a lively mix of TEDx student and adult talks as well as breakout discussions and performances. Here’s our line up:

Thursday January 13, 7-8pm

What next for science and technology?

Anna Boser: How to Save the Earth from Space 

Benjamin Blair: How Oil impacts Marine Life

Camille Bruckert: Troubled Media 

What next for wellness?

Valentin Robert: Preparing for the next Pandemic 

Constance Lebofsky: Breathing to not Choke

Thursday January 20, 7-8:15pm

What next for diversity, equity and inclusion? 

Juniper and Alexandra:  The World of Representation

Laura Spiekerman:  The pink tax for making change

Noah Bennet: Supporting LGBTQ+ students  

What next for culture and the arts?

Maddy Kelly: The Rise of K-Pop 

Elias Ghozael: Love Letter to Books