Team & Partners

helene_circleHelene Cahen

Helene Cahen is passionate about new ideas and creating change. After attending TED and TED Women conferences, she wanted to provide the opportunity for EB students to experience the excitement and inspiration of attending a TED conference as well as the opportunity to present a TEDx Talk. Helene has a consulting business specialized in innovation called Strategic Insights and she facilitates and teaches innovative processes to executives, graduate students and occasionally to middle schoolers and teenagers.

imageedit_2_3685288328Laura Clydesdale

Laura Clydesdale is truly excited to deliver this new program to Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley because she feels it perfectly reflects the cutting edge curriculum the school offers and that TEDxYouth also mirrors the school’s global mission. Laura brings her depth of experience to the TEDxYouth@EB team, as she is a champion of youth leadership through her blog LEAD UP, and is also co-chair of Notes & Words one of the biggest fundraising events in Oakland.

jennifer_circleJennifer Villarina

Jennifer Villarina is a huge fan of the TED format and the way it fosters convergence among diverse fields. What she finds most exciting about the TEDxYouth@EB event is that EB students will spend the day exposed to ideas from scientists, entrepreneurs, nature enthusiasts and authors. Having worked in two very different disciplines (finance and creative writing) Jennifer appreciates how exposure to diverse fields can inspire.

The Middle School Team

Stacy Chandler – Head of Ecole Bilingue Middle School

Gabrielle Hedlund – Ecole Bilingue Middle School English

Russell Whismore– Ecole Bilingue Middle School Math


Ann Lefkovits – Registration and Activities

Don Henderson – Lighting

Lucie Moses – Web design

Heather Clague – Stage Management and Presentation Skills Coaching

Angie Jacobson- Stage Manager

Jeanne Oakley– Registration and Activities


Thank you to our sponsors!

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