TEDxYouth @ EB 2017

Adult Speakers

ikbdiipinlebpaffEric Gimon

The Planet and You: What Climate Change Means for Your Life

Human activity is changing the planet’s climate and oceans in major ways now and for the foreseeable future. Our societies will have to make huge changes to prevent even more changes and adapt to those changes already in motion. What does this mean for a young person today?

Eric Gimon has a PhD in physics, and many years as an energy policy consultant. Eric has advised non-profits and foundations on energy policy and actions they can take to move society towards a sustainable future.

headshotMichael Assadi

The Power of Starting Now

The timing is never right to pursue your passions. Whether you want to create your own business, travel the world, achieve the unthinkable: It all starts with taking advantage of now.

Michael Assadi is a 19-year-old entrepreneur. He’s developed top charting mobile applications, and created a best-selling online course showing you how to make apps.

Student Speakers

Abbey Richter – 8th Grade

Don’t Ask Me WHAT, Ask Me WHO. Abbey argues for a new approach to the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Annika Salamon – 8th Grade

Meat, not Murder. Annika looks at technological advances that may create a future where she doesn’t need to choose between animal rights and being a meat eater.

Diana Garcia-Becerra – 8th Grade

The Secret Ingredients for My Future. Diana shares how she creates and navigates her ever-changing future.

Jayden Moore – 7th Grade

A Future Without isms. Jayden draws on family experience to envision a post-racial society.

Teddy Lee- 8th Grade

Le Mans 2028. Teddy highlights some of his ideas and challenges as he works toward being the first person to race and win Le Mans in a car he designs and builds himself.

Students Performance

Tea’ Bartlett & Bahia Rozan – 8th Grade

Great Expectations – A Choral Reading